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My name is Julie Fischer, and I have been selling real estate for 25 years in Siouxland. I absolutely love real estate and helping people. I've been doing this so long, I can many times match the person to the house they ultimately choose. My expertise focuses mainly on residential sales, but I do have experience in commercial and REO properties. There's no better feeling than finding someone their dream home and seeing that look of satisfaction and relief on their face when the sale closes. I pride myself in going above and beyond by making the selling/buying process easy and being there every step of the way. Because of this, I receive many referrals from past customers which I appreciate tremendously. I've lived in Siouxland most of my life with my husband Dennis and we have a teenage son whom we enjoy very much! My hobbies include reading, walking, listening to music, visiting the beach, and gardening. I've enjoyed watching Siouxland grow over the years and become a better place, and am thankful I have been able to be a part of it. If you are looking to buy a first home, or make a move up, no purchase is too big or too small, just give me a call! 

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